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C# - Writing Native Mobile Apps Using a Customizable Scripting Language
In the February 2016 issue of MSDN Magazine, I showed how to create a custom scripting language based on the Split-And-Merge algorithm for parsing mathematical expressions in C# ( I called my language Customizable Scripting in C#, or CSCS. Recently, I published an E-book that provided more details about creating a custom language ( Creating your own scripting language might not initially seem to be particularly useful, even though there are some interesting applications of it (for example, game cheating). I also found some applications in Unity programming.
Google Analytics vs Universal Analytics: Which one to choose?
All new Google Analytics accounts can now only use Universal Analytics, which is now the officially supported version of Google Analytics. The classic "Google Analytics" referred to in this post is no longer recommended.
Microservice Boundaries
Microservice Boundaries: 5 characteristics to guide your design